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Webreed Museum App Features

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We make awesome mobile and web apps for museums.

Webreed Inc is a technology Startup company in the heart of midtown Toronto, Canada.

We equip our clients with online technology to help them extend the reach and impact of their collections, programs, and resources while transforming their visitors’ experience.


To help spread the world’s art and heritage.



To become the most well-known mobile and web application company for museums.

2D & 3D Collection Gallery

Using our proprietary 360° image technology, you can create 2D and 3D online galleries that can connect you with the online community in a whole new way.

In addition to typical 2D images, 360° photos of artefacts can be created with a push of a button on any smartphone or DSLR camera. This functionality gives museums of all sizes the power to capture, edit, and publish stunning 360° photos of their artefacts with in-house equipment and without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive programming and complex photography.

Indoor Navigations

What if you could have a Google map for your indoor museums, which helps visitors navigate through your collection, improves their experience, and reduces the number of customer service staff members? Well, that’s exactly what our offline/online indoor navigation system will do for you.

Multi-Language & Text To Speech Translator

Using the latest AI and Neural Network technologies, we auto-translate descriptions into 32 different languages and provide real-time, natural, and human-like Text-to-Speech conversion for all languages. This not only can replace the old-fashioned audio description equipment with the visitor’s mobile device, but also removes almost any language barrier in either reading or listening.

Personal Tours

Our personal tour feature will ask visitors: How much time do they have? What is their subject of interest? Do they have any special requirements regarding mobility?

Based on visitor’s answers and our indoor navigation technology, the app will give them a personal guided tour through the museum and will automatically bookmark any artefacts that match their interest but could not be reviewed in the amount of time that they had.

QR Code Tagging

With our most up-to-date QR code technology, visitors can scan artefacts to read or listen to descriptions on their mobile device or bookmark artefacts to give them a more in-depth look at a later time. This capability will offer higher traffic for the museums and provide a better flow of visitors inside the exhibits, thus saving a significant amount of time and money for both administrators and visitors. The same tags can also be used for relocation tracking of artefacts.


Our bookmarking technology, used on visitors’ mobile devices, will create a powerful tool that allows museum visitors to bookmark artefacts during their visit to review them at a later time or share them to any of their social networks.

New Revenue Sources

Donations, sponsor amenities, special events, and news are all important parts of keeping in contact with visitors even after they leave the museum. Our communication platform permits museum admins to send notifications to the visitor’s smartphone with a push of a button.

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Today’s successful museums are re-examining their role and connection to the online world by providing interesting and entertaining content that can be shared with social platforms and bring more visitors.

Let’s review your mobile and web strategy together, we can help you reshape your online presence.